What Are the Best Event Planning Apps?

Unless you are a professional party planner, getting an event off the ground can be difficult and very stressful. Thanks to technology, you can find many apps that make planning an event so much easier. You don’t have to be a professional to use any of these apps and all of them will make you seem like an expert event planner. Your guests will be in awe and you can enjoy the limelight without feeling stressed.

There is so much to do when planning a party or event. You have to invite guests, find a venue, pick a date, choose food options, include entertainment, and so much more. Whether a wedding, birthday, or dinner party, there is always so much to do. These apps help with different aspects of event and party planning.

Eventbrite Organizer

If you are hosting an event that requires selling tickets then Eventbrite Organizer will be a life saver. If you event is large with thousands of guests or a small event dinner, you will find this app useful. It lets you sell tickets from the app and keep track of sales. You can even promote your event to get more attendees. You can even use Eventbrite Organizer to accept payments at the event.

Magic Plan

One of the most difficult aspects of event planning is seating. You have a limited space but you have to fit so many tables and guests inside without it being cluttered. You also can’t sit people who hate each other neat each other or you risk a huge fight. Magic Plan is an app designed for people decorating homes that need a floor plan, but you can use it for an event, too. The free version of the app lets you create a floor plan by taking pictures of the space. You can do this for the event location and then place tables on the generated floor plan to work out seating.


When you have an event people are always taking photos, but it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on them all. You can’t go chasing all the guests around asking them to send you their photos. Instead, use CapsuleCam. This app lets you invite guests to use also use the app and upload their photos to one photo album. Everyone can then use the pictures as they please. Hand out cards with the CapsuleCame information to all guests to make it easier for them to use the app and get the pictures to you.


One of the best ways to promote and announce an event is through social media. Facebook lets you create and share events on the website, for example. You can also use Twitter to post updates on the event, and Instagram to promote images. The problem is that it takes time to jump between social media sites and make posts. Hootsuite makes it easy by letting you use one app to post on multiple sites. You can even set a specific date and time to share a post so you can plan several posts at once and then not worry about sharing anything again for a few days.

Pro Party Planner

If you are looking for an app that will do everything in one then you will love Pro Party Planner. It lets you send invitations and receive RSVPS, use augmented reality to set up a seating chart, keep track of your budget so you don’t overspend, and keep in touch with the people helping you plan the gathering. It is a paid app but is worth the $5 ( as of 2017) to make your event go smoothly.

Super Planner

Super Planner is designed for professional event planners and is essential for anyone just getting started in the business. It has dozens of calculators to help with seating, amount of food, amount of staff needed, and more. It will help you figure out where to place screens and how to seat people around a stage. It also helps with money issues so you can keep track of spending. The app is not really for someone planning a single event, such as a wedding, because it does cost $10 (as of 2017) and uses a lot of professional jargon and knowledge.


Creating and sending invitations can be annoying. It’s even more annoying to have to keep track of RSVPs and the ever changing guest list. Punchbowl aims to make invitations less frustrating with this invitation creation app. You can choose from many invitation designs including tons of popular characters that kids love. You can then set up your party information and send the invitations directly from the app. You will receive RSVPs through the app which makes keeping track of the guest list easy.


By far the most frustrating part of planning an event is choosing the date. People are busy creatures and it sometimes seems impossible to figure out a date that makes everyone happy. You want all your favorite people at the event so how do you make everyone happy and find that one day that everyone isn’t busy? You use SelectTheDate. This app lets you pick a bunch of possible dates for the event. You then send that information to all your most important guests and they can vote for which day they like the best. No more calling back and forth trying to work out a date, the app will make it easier.

All of these apps will make event planning a snap so you can relax and enjoy the party instead of being stressed and freaking out the whole time. You’ll love them so much you just might want to make event planning a professional job

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