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Hello friends, How are you I hope you all are enjoying your life fully. As always our today’s topic is also knowledgeable and important for all readers specially for android user. We will describe you about windows 7 for android. Here we will describe be you its features and some basic and important points that are necessary for every reader to understand properly about this. With this, we will provide you the steps also to download the windows 7 for android. So lets begin the article.

Download Windows 7 For Android

Before forwarding toward the main section we need to describe and make it clear to you all about Android operating system. So that you can better understand the topic. Friends, We all are very well known about Android Operating system. Which is very popular, and most useful nowadays. Most of all people uses and prefer Android operating system. This is because it provide a wide range of features and apps to its users. So that its can get more entertainment, more fun, and more services. Android operating system is a Linux based operating system. which was firstly introduced by Android incorporation. then in 2005 it was bought by Google. Google has developed it.

Android was initially introduced for smart phones and tablets. And its default user interface is mainly based on direct manipulation. It was developed in private by Google until latest updates and changes are released. Android apps run in a sandbox unless user grant the permission. The source code of android operating system is open source. Most of the codes are published under the the non-copyleft Apache license version 2.0. Here we are providing you a list with versions and their code name.

Version              Code name
7.1                         Nougat
7.0                         Nougat
6.0                         Marshmallow
5.1                          Lollipop
5.0                         Lollipop
4.4                         KitKat
4.3                         Jelly Bean
4.2                         Jelly Bean
4.1                          Jelly Bean
4.0                         Ice Cream Sandwich
2.3                         Ginger bread

Here we provide their distribution percentage also.

Version                  Distribution percentage
7.1                                 0.2%
7.0                                0.5%
6.0                               29.6%
5.1                                23.3%
5.0                               10.1%
4.4                               22.6%
4.3                                1.7%
4.2                                5.9%
4.1                                4.0%
4.0                                1.1%
2.3                                1.0%

This was a short description of Android operating system now we will provide you some information about Windows 7, we will also describe some important and basic features of window 7 for android .

Windows 7

Windows 7 is a PC computer OS. It was developed by Microsoft. Windows 7 is one of Windows NT family of OS. It was released on 22 July 2009. And in 33 Oct 2009 it became general for everyone. It was introduced after Windows Vista. Because of Windows Vista’s poor critical reception in maintenance of hardware and software compatibility. New features were added to the Operating System system. Which included libraries, support for multi touch input and new file sharing system home group with a new action centre. In contrast to Windows Vista, Windows 7 was also praised by critics. With addition of some features, some programs and feature are removed also.

We are mentioning some of those features and they are: Classic Start Menu User Interface, Windows explore features, some of task bar features, Windows ultimate Extras, Windows Media player features, Search button, and Ink ball. With this four app were bundled also with Windows Vista and that are mentioned below.

Windows Photo GalleryWindows Movie MakerWindows Mail and Windows calendar. These some applications were replaced by Windows Live branded versions as a part of the Windows Live Essentials suite. Now we will provide you an additional information so that we can help you more. Here we provide you the system requirements you need to download Windows 7 in your device.

For 32-bit

Component –           Operating system architecture

Processor –                 1 GHz IA-32 processor

Memory (RAM) –     1 GB

Graphics card –         DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver model 1.0

Hard drive space –   16 GB

Optical drive –            DVD-ROM drive (to install from DVD-ROM media only)

For 62-bit

Component –                Operating system architecture

Processor  –                  1 GHz x86-64 processor

Memory (RAM) –       2 GB

Graphics card –          DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver model 1.0

Hard drive space –     20 GB

Optical drive –              DVD-ROM drive (to install from DVD-ROM media only)

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These were the some additional information of Windows 7 that we have provided to you. As I mentioned above also about describing its features, so we will describe some of its features now in the next section of the article.

Features of Window 7 for Android

  • Windows 7 for android has awesome User Interface.
  • It also support cut, copy and paste like windows in PC.
  • It provides you different wallpapers also.
  • Window 7 for android also have my computer Style In-built File Manager.
  • You will get faster and Smoother Experience.
  •  For easy browsing, Control panel of Windows 7 for android is also added.

Above were the some features of Windows 7 for android. There are too many other features also that are included for convenience of users. So that you can get more advantage of window 7 for android. Now you people must be thinking of downloading or installing the window 7 for android in your android device. But how? Friends, I am here to help you in this. Below I have mentioned the steps by which you can easily download or install windows 7 for android in you device. With this I will also provide you the downloading link of windows 7 for android.

How to download Windows 7 for android ?

  1. Firstly you have to Download windows 7 in your device. Just click here to download windows 7 for android. Friends many of sites will provide you some fake downloading links that might harm your device. So to help you I have provided the safe link.
  2. After downloading this file from above given link, Install it in your device.
  3. If you have successfully installed the file in your device then press the Home button and select Android Windows 7 as Always to use window 7 as default.
  4. If you have successfully done the above process then you can now enjoy the features of windows 7 in your device.

Therefore these were the simple even simplest steps to download or install windows 7 for android in your mobile. With we are forwarding towards the end of this article.

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Final words

So friends, Finally, We came to the end of this article. First of all I would like to thank you all that you visit my site and read my article. I hope you like our article. In addition if you have any query, any question about this topic then feel free to ask. You can ask me in below comment section. I will try to reply you soon and I will also try to solve your problem also.

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