What Are Best Apps For Interior Designers?

Working as an interior designer means that inspiration is an essential part of the job. Sometimes getting that inspiration can be difficult for new or overworked designers. To get the creative juices flowing, any interior designer should ask him or herself…

1. EasyMeasure

If you are an interior designer, a must have app is EasyMeasure. This helps you efficiently obtain the measurements of any size room. All you need is an iPad or iPhone camera and you can capture each room and quickly get its parameters. It has never been easier to decorate a home now that you can determine the parameters like a pro.

2. Planner 5D

With the Planner 5D app, you can implement your original designs in any home. Its extensive database, efficiently updated in real time, gives you access to various type of furniture pieces and other objects to use in creating your design. Size, texture and color can all be edited using this app, so you will know what a room is going to look like before you begin redesigning it. Once you have an interior design plan mapped out the app even allows you to view a realistic depiction of the final product.

3. Vieweet 360

Using 360 degree technology, Vieweet 360 allows you to get a panoramic view of your interior designs right on your cell phone screen. This is a great tool for showing prospective clients what you can do for them. By simply uploading a photo in Panorama format the app can turn it into a 3D picture to show your clients. While you need to purchase an appropriate lens in order to use this app, it is worth taking the time to do so.


Juggling the details of every project can be difficult when you are an interior designer. That’s why the BrightNest app is so important to use. It helps you organize the little details that come with every job and also ensures that your visions become a reality right in front of your face.

5. Curate

The Curate app is one that helps you choose the perfect paintings for any home. Simply snap a picture of the walls in a home you are decorating as well as the owner’s paintings, posters or framed photos with your smart phone or tablet and upload it to the app. It then shows you how the painting would look in the house. This is one app that saves you a significant amount of time in the planning process.

6. Home Design 3D Gold

Home Design 3D Gold helps you make decorating plans for a brand new house. You can insert floor plans and view each room of the house, helping you to plan what goes where. Walls can be taken out and added back in with this app. It is also great for seeing how a particular layout of furniture will look when the project is completed. You have the option of viewing everything in either 3D or 2D and can easily switch back and forth between both views.

7. Wunderlist

One app meant to help you stay on track with your interior design project is Wunderlist. The beauty of the app is that it makes it easy to create and stick to your to-do lists for each project. Since Wunderlist allows you to share your lists with each individual client. If you need help prioritizing project tasks, this app comes in handy. You can even take large tasks and use sub tasks to make each project less overwhelming. By uploading photos of your daily progress, your client can see right in front of his or her eyes how efficiently the project is coming along.

8. Room Planner

Room Planner is another app that helps you visualize a completed project while it is still in progress. You can design a 2D floor plan and then view it in 3D. Adding accessories and furniture into any room plan is a quick and easy process with this app. And when you have a completed floor plan you can use the app to email the floor plan directly to your client.

9. Adobe Capture CC

Adobe Capture CC is a great app to help you when you aren’t even thinking about work. It gives you the ability to take a picture of virtually anything and determine the exact color palette used in a particular picture. This is a useful app to have if you are working with a client who has very specific requirements for you. All your client has to do is give you a photo that contains colors they want to use in their decor and you can upload that photo to the app. It will then tell you exactly what hue of a particular color or colors to shop for.

10. Homestyler Interior Design

If you have difficulty conveying your interior design ideas to a client before the project begins, you will want to download Homestyler Interior Design. The app allows you to take a photo of the rooms in your client’s house and decorate each one in 3D. Both of you will then we able to see what the room will look like when it is finished. Everything from lighting to furniture to rugs can be imagined right before your eyes when using this app.


These 10 apps are must haves for any busy interior designer. Of all the apps available the 10 selected above are among the top apps for interior designers and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Summary: Having the top app is essential for the success of any interior designer. Each of the above apps is beneficial.

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