Best UC Browser Alternative Web Browsers for Ad-free Experience

You know how terrific it is to have a slow internet connection. Even when you just want to browse a website, the snail-net (as I call the slow connection) obstructs your way. The best thing to prevent such a hazardous situation is to have a super fast android web browser.

Yeah, I get it! You used to use UC Browser a lot. However, the developers tend to lean more towards advertisements than user experience. Maybe, that’s why you stopped using UC Browser. Don’t worry! We have got a few web browsers like UC Browser to help you browse any site with a slow mobile data connection.

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Best UC Browser Alternative Browsers for Android

I am an Android user and I literally became petrified of the bad news coming out about UC Browser. Recently, it even got suspended from Google Play. The moment I heard about it, I uninstalled UC right away from my phone. You might do that too! In my quest for the perfect UC browser alternative, I have come across a lot of Play Store entries. However, only a few of them served my purpose and the following are they.

1. XBrowser

XBrowser – UC Browser alternative

If you ask me for the best alternative to UC Browser, I will cast my vote for XBrowser. I have fallen in love with it due to the ease of access and the speed it offers. The very first thing a slow network user should know is the size of the application. You know you have a sluggish connection that you can’t even attempt to download a 100 MB app. Luckily, XBrowser weighs less than one MB in size.

They have an effective ad blocking system which prevents all the advertisements from entering your screen. Moreover, it doesn’t even inject any ads from their server as well. Just like in any full-fledged web browser, you can choose your preferred search engine and it will show you the search suggestions too. The downloading is blazing fast on XBrowser. And, you get a few additional features like offline reading and night mode. I can vouch for this app that you will love it more than you did UC.   DownloadQR-Code X Browser Super Fast & mini Developer: XMan Price: Free   

2. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus

Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of Firefox, please! Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browser available for computers. Before Google Chrome wide-opened its wings to swallow the market share, Firefox dominated in the field. Focus is Mozilla’s latest mission to provide the users with fast and track-free internet access.

You know? We are being watched every moment on the internet. Google knows where you go, what websites you visit, and even what you are chatting your friends with. They have implemented several online trackers to help them get such information. Mozilla Firefox Focus blocks all such trackers, including advertisements and gives you a seamless browsing experience. Comes in under 3 MB size, Focus unleashes the web of zero tracking before you. Of course, Mozilla has another complete Android web browser on the Play Store if you prefer saving passwords and other trackable processes.   DownloadQR-Code Firefox Focus: The privacy browser Developer: Mozilla Price: Free   

3. Via Browser

Via BrowserAre you fed up with UC Browser’s news and advertisements? Don’t you want to use Google Chrome due to its resource-hungry nature? Then, Via Browser will serve your needs well and satisfy you. You can install the app even with a 2G mobile data connection as the size of it is only 440 kB. The interface of the browser is so minimal that you won’t even look for another app again.

Via Browser

The zero disturbance allows you to concentrate solely on the content, not on the advertisements. Unlike most of the other browsers, Lite allows you to customize your homepage in the way you like. Other features include data saver, ad block, privacy protection, bookmarks, night-mode, computer-mode, translate, and page finder. The developers have made a few add-ons available for you so that you can extend the functionality of the browser. It has been downloaded over a million times that you will know the big figure is there for a reason.   DownloadQR-Code Via Browser – Schnell und klein Developer: Lakor Price: Free   

4. Puffin Web Browser

Before I begin to describe Puffin in detail, I want to know whether or not you want a small Android app. If you prefer a small size, you should let it pass. Puffin weighs over 17 MB in size. In case you are ready to bear it for getting advanced features in return, you can go on to installing Puffin Web Browser. It shifts the load from small public servers to in-house cloud servers to make the process faster.

puffin Web Browser

The developers claim Puffin is extremely safe to use over a non-secure public WiFi connection given its working mechanism via cloud. You can even play Flash videos and games. It allows you to control the games via an external gamepad as well. The proprietary compression algorithm used by Puffin Web Browser saves your bandwidth on regular browsing.

Regardless of all the features, you should know that Puffin is blocked in some countries (like China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, etc.).   DownloadQR-Code Puffin Web Browser Developer: CloudMosa, Inc. Price: Free   

5. Apus Browser

You might have heard of Apus Launcher. The browser here comes from the same developer and it packs in some sturdy specifications. It has about 6 MB size and doesn’t stutter during the regular browsing sessions. You will get almost the same speed as that of UC Browser and Apus offers a download manager where you can see all your downloads under different categories.

Apus Browse – Best UC Browser Alternative?

The unique feature about Apus Browser is it shows warnings when you attempt to visit insecure web pages. And, you get to choose the default search engine from a list of all the major ones available on the web. It even allows you to search for anything inside a webpage as well.   DownloadQR-Code APUS Browser – Fast download & Private & Secure Developer: APUS Browser Dev Team Price: Free   

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There you go! I have provided you with the top five UC Browser alternative web browsers for Android. If you have no limits on data, you can try installing each one and stick to the browser that suits you the best. In case you don’t want to do that, stick to XBrowser or Via Browser. They are small in size and offers many features just like a full-fledged desktop browser.

Are you using any other app like UC that didn’t make it to the list? Well, don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comment section below.

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